Is a hunk of meat romantic?

“Pork chops: can a hunk of meat be romantic”? This is a question from the Slashfood blog. Lets go back to my prior blog and the four factors that can influence product attachments.

  1. Self-expression (can I distinguish myself from others with the product?) Eating certain foods can set one apart. Think of drinking Champaign, eating caviar, etc. Many gourmet foods can fall into this.
  2. Group affiliation (does ownership of the product connect me to a group?) There are many foods that link people to cultural, ethnic, social, and other groups. These recipes make us part of something.
  3. Memories (related to the product), here is where the recipes for romantic picnics can really come to play. How about what you ate the first time you met. Or the lunch you had on the best day of your life.
  4. Pleasure (provided by the product) – here I only need to say Chocolate.

Romance is all about experiences and emotions. Look at the picture of the pork chops in Slashfood’s blog. First, they are a work of art. Visually they are very attractive. Secondly, the recipe takes advantage of taste and smell. Then you can imagine the texture of these perfectly cooked pork chops. When you look at the picture you see the sauce, rosemary sprig, and other items that combine to create the overall romantic effect. These are a far cry from the pork chops I toss into the broiler and serve with some frozen vegetables that I took out of the freezer and micro waved. (Yes, I am a 47 year old guy still hoping to one day learn to cook with style.) These are the pork chops of which memories are made and you will look back years from now and fondly remember them. Is a hunk of meat romantic? Maybe not, but it has to potential to become part of a whole that is very romantic.

 Please share your opinion 🙂


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