Is there chemistry on a Romantic Picnic

Is there chemistry to romance? This Love Chemistry web page seems to do a good job in linking emotions to chemicals that help create those emotions. Take a look at the different chemicals and related emotions. I believe you will find them interesting if nothing else. The information is in line with research I have been looking at on this subject. For romance as defined in the intro to this blog I would focus on endorphins.
These morphine-like opiates calm and reassure with intimacy, dependability, warmth, and shared experiences. I have read where actors who played heroic parts actually produced endorphins. They had blood tests and found that roles of hero’s created endorphins and roles of villains did not. On a truly romantic picnic you would expect the body to at least create measurable amounts of endorphins. That is why one can feel so good after a truly romantic picnic.


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