Its all in the recipe

When someone goes to the store and purchases an item, are they really purchasing that item or what the item enables them to do? Well when shopping for food items for a Romantic Picnic what matters? Retailwire thinks it is the recipes. Many people have Family Favorites when it comes to food. These can be regional, cultural, family traditions, or simply personnel tastes. The key to these types of foods many times is the recipe! Each of these recipes contains Key ingredients. Some of these Key ingredients are must have. They require a certain brand based on tradition, flavor, etc. to make the recipe really work. Without these you don’t get the full experience.

This bonding to certain ingredients in a recipe can be further explained by a blog form Futurelab. In it they identify “four factors that can influence product attachment: self-expression (can I distinguish myself from others with the product?), group affiliation (does ownership of the product connect me to a group?), memories (related to the product) and pleasure (provided by the product).

  1. The first item certain foods can set one apart. Think of drinking Champaign, eating caviar, etc. Many gourmet foods can fall into this.
  2. The second can relate to many foods that link people to cultural, ethnic, social, and other groups. These recipes make us part of something.
  3. Memories, here is where the recipes for romantic picnics can really come to play. How about what you ate the first time you met. Or the lunch you had on the best day of your life.
  4. Pleasure – here I only need to say Chocolate.

 When creating a romantic picnic you are creating an overall experience. So don’t overlook the importance of that recipe and those ingredients.


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