Is it easier to find romance in the land of beautiful people?

Is it easier to find romance in the land of beautiful people?


What if you could be your idea of perfection? Would all the phobias and hang-up you have about yourself go away? In a 3D world such as Second Life you can be almost anything you want to be. You can create an Avatar that can be your idea of perfection. That was a point that came up last Saturday during the discussion about Romantic Picnics. It would seem that people, who decide to represent themselves with a human avatar, tend to only select attractive avatars. You see very few ugly human avatars in Second Life. In fact you tend to find people spending money to have the most attractive avatars possible. One can dress in a variety clothing to make different fashion statements to the 3D world. Many people have a collection of bodies as well as clothing. They trade avatar bodies more than most people change clothes. So again, what impact does this have on the self esteem and image people in Second Life have about themselves? Are they more at ease because they are now one of the beautiful people? Are they attracted to others in Second Life because of the appearance of another’s avatar? Do they put aside their own phobias and hang-ups about themselves in real life? For once you have become one of the popular branded avatars you have become one of the beautiful people. I have stated before that people enter relationships not because of how they feel about the other person, but because of how the other person makes us feel about ourselves. Can representing ourselves to others using beautiful bodies make us feel better about ourselves. If so does this make romance easier to achieve in a virtual 3D world?


Let me know what you think, comment on this.


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One Response to “Is it easier to find romance in the land of beautiful people?”

  1. Janice Says:

    Hi, do you still check your comments? I found this interesting and I think I agree mostly but I think it is not altogether true. There are a few avatars that are fat people and not so very beautiful ones. I agree that this is not very common but there is. I don’t know, really, what category I am in, because my avatar is not exactly as I am. She is small, flat chested and rather pale. I am very fond of her and feel that she represents me very well but she is neither an exact copy of me nor is she tall, long legged, have platinum blond hair or is very glamorous. And I don’t change her. She is me and I change her clothes and even her hair, like most people do in rl, but I don’t change her shape or skin. What I am saying is that she is not perfect in any sense.



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