If you want my loyalty, SHOW ME THE LOVE !!!


I define romance as how another person makes one feel about oneself. Can we say the same thing for companies who are trying to romance their way into our pocket books with customer loyalty programs? Customer Loyalty programs, either designed to bribe us or to make us feel special? I will skip the bribe part and look at a study by Colloquy that looked at preferential treatment in six customer segments.


Below are some figures from a 2007 Colloquy Demographic Loyalty Study.

The study looked at six groups below. For each group I have three numbers.

The first number is the percentage of people in that group who said that special treatment is “extremely important” to them. The second number is the percentage in that group who feel they receive preferential treatment in the customer loyalty programs they participate in. The third number is the gap between the people who want the preferential treatment and the people who believe they are receiving preferential treatment.


General Population            61.7              15.7            46.0%

Affluent buyers            61.7            24.0            37.7%

Young Adults               60.5            18.2            42.3%

Seniors             47.9     9.3       38.6%

Core Women               64.3            14.4            49.9%

Emerging Hispanic            73.3            17.0            56.3%


“This reports the number of U.S. adults that say they feel they receive preferential treatment in the programs they participate in and the % of US adults that say special treatment is “extremely important”.

Source: The 2007 COLLOQUY Demographic Loyalty Study”

 The message from Colloquy was The Wake-Up Call: “Show Me the Love!” Not much different than romance really, it is all about how does the relationship make me feel about myself. I want to be treated as if I am special, important, etc. From the study no group is really getting the emotional satisfaction they would really like. The ones that come the closest are the Affluent, which makes sense because they have money and money talks, and seniors because they have lower expectations to begin with. The rest are left asking for companies to “Show Me the Love”. It would seem that romantic relationships are not the emotional relationships that can be very one sided!


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