Defining romance in a virtual world.

In this Blog I would like to look at two other postings. “Is a virtual affair real-world infidelity?” posted on MSNBC and one about “real relationship and the transference relationship” which was a short comment in self-help magazine. The first one covered people having affairs in a 3-D virtual world called Second Life. Two interesting points where made in it. Women are more likely to see such activity as infidelity then men are. This is really not surprising when you look at different studies that have been done on infidelity. Men seem to report higher levels of infidelity then women doe in most cultures in real life. The second interesting thing is the level of emotional involvement that a 3-D virtual world allows one to experience. I think experience is the key word here. Never before could you share experiences with another person at such a level without being in with that person. These shared experiences are can also be very emotional.


Here is where the second Blog comes in, the real relationship and the transference relationship. Transference relationship is a known issue in psychology. One may not really love their therapist, etc. but the emotions related to the transference relationship can be very real. This posting makes a case that Second Life can allow for this same type of relationship. This makes sense when you think of the level of reality you can now experience. The experience itself can be very attractive. One can seek the romance, attention, respect that they do not receive in the real world in the virtual world of Second Life. One may not even realize that they are doing this because they may not really understand what is missing in their real life until they find it in their Second Life.

 The MSNBC Blog depicted several sad situations where real life couples ended their relationships. In one case Second Life allowed a woman to realize what she wanted in a real life relationship. I believe that should be the important take away of the first Blog. If you find yourself seeking romance in Second Life, is it because you are seeking something that you cannot obtain in your real life relationship? If that is the case one has to ask oneself, why! That also leads to the hard question of, now that you know what is missing how can you fill this missing part in your real world relationship? The answer to these two questions may become very important to you if you play with romance in the virtual world.


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