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Will designers unlock the chemistry of romance?

October 24, 2007

Here is another take on the chemistry of romance. I am approaching the romantic picnic as an emotional experience. Location, food, accessories, etc. have emotional elements. I have also talked about research that shown different chemical changes related to romance. Do you realize that designers see dollar signs in your emotions? What science is increasingly showing is that the same places in the brain that register comfort and contentment also happen to light up when people are shown familiar products and brands.

Will romance be measured by chemicals like endorphins and Neuromarketing technologies like fMRI, EEG, and facial coding to gauge true emotional response? Is it possible that designers will use emotions and romance using these means to measure it? With companies going to 3D design and virtual environments such as Second Life it give one much to think about. Check out Futurelabs take on neuromarketing.


Is there chemistry on a Romantic Picnic

October 12, 2007

Is there chemistry to romance? This Love Chemistry web page seems to do a good job in linking emotions to chemicals that help create those emotions. Take a look at the different chemicals and related emotions. I believe you will find them interesting if nothing else. The information is in line with research I have been looking at on this subject. For romance as defined in the intro to this blog I would focus on endorphins.
These morphine-like opiates calm and reassure with intimacy, dependability, warmth, and shared experiences. I have read where actors who played heroic parts actually produced endorphins. They had blood tests and found that roles of hero’s created endorphins and roles of villains did not. On a truly romantic picnic you would expect the body to at least create measurable amounts of endorphins. That is why one can feel so good after a truly romantic picnic.


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