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When it comes to romance, experience is what really matters.

November 2, 2007

Start with the ideal experience people would like to have, and design everything around producing that desired experience! This is the message in a nutshell from Peter Merholz of Adaptive Path. Check out his UK presentation on Slideshare. Peter presents a very good explanation of this concept. (Plus to Futurelab for letting me know about this excellent presentation.) Watch his presentation and then think of all the money the travel industry spends on romantic vacations. How many of these push location, then features in the vacation package. How few of them really focus on what really matters, the romantic experience! Think of all the money spent on romantic vacations, romantic foods, romantic items that you have spent over your lifetime. How many of them really delivered or helped deliver the romantic experience you really desired? If you follow Peter’s presentation you can see how much better these could have been if the desired romantic experience was really understood and everything else was designed around producing this experience. Many times people try to take what may already exist and package it as ROMANTIC because it sells. I blogged a while back about how people do not buy products but purchase the ability to do something. For example, this Thanksgiving my wife and I will go shopping and buy a Turkey, Dressing, Cranberries, etc. We will not be purchasing these items as themselves. We will be purchasing the ability to have the Thanksgiving experience that we desire. You can look at your romantic experience the same way. The romantic vacation site, the package of dinners, sites, etc, the items you will take along really only have meaning when you think of the romantic experience that they will enable you to obtain. For when you really think about it, it does not matter if it is romance in the real world or romance in a virtual world, it will be the experience that you will remember.